Greenwashing isn’t a victimless crime

Greenwashing is a deceptive advertising or marketing practice wherein green PR and green marketing are utilized to convince the public that an organization’s products, goals, and policies are environmentally friendly. This tactic conceals unsustainable corporate agendas and policies, with many corporations employing greenwashing to enhance the public perception of their brands.

It is important to note that greenwashing is not a victimless crime. The consumer, who genuinely seeks to make environmentally responsible choices, becomes the victim in this scenario.

Another significant loser in this situation is true sustainability, affecting our planet, its habitats, and the ever fueled climate Tipping Point.

Additionally, greenwashing contributes to consumer skepticism regarding all “green” or sustainable claims, undermining the power of consumers to influence companies toward greener manufacturing processes and business operations, ultimately disempowering both consumers and markets.

The realm of sustainability in FMCG packaging is excessively complex. Packaging constructions have been needlessly complicated and over-engineered for decades, lacking a true understanding of FMCG packaging product needs and requirements. Consequently, this has led to a muddled and toxic pool that is neither recyclable nor sustainable.

Conversely, engaging in Doing Good Business – For Good™ stands as the antithesis of greenwashing.