About Us

SealGlobal.Co produces science-smart solutions for sustainable packaging

SealGlobal.Co® has been manufacturing upcycled packaging since 1966 with continued and growing success:

  • Global Brandowner “Supplier of the Year” award for eight consecutive years.
  • Substantive patents or patents pending pertaining to Smart Chemistry for Packaging Design® and Upcycled Packaging® for FMCG wrapping materials.
  • Upcycled Packaging® solutions are specified, exported and commercialised globally by the single largest global confectionery corporation.

Upcycled Packaging®️

  • The entire replacement of or significant reduction of plastic or combination of plastics for FMCG Packaging.
  • Reducing waste impact and or pollution in any form.
  • Speaking the truth to the lie of Newspeak “circular economy” – the problem is simply a linear equation:  less in = less (toxicity) out. End of.
  • Maintains being totally fit for purpose.
  • Is economically more viable by way of either, or both, costs and or production processes.
  • Provides impactful reductions on the diverse nature of elements all resulting in exponential increasing and effects of The Climate C.Rises.™
  •  The reduction of links within global supply chains are a critical element which can be addressed by shortening these chains via Local Production – or as close to source as possible – in the interests of The Globe; its populace; and the wealth generation in all aspects – fiscal; social; economical and geological.
  • Ecologically Degradable

Our Capabilities

For over fifty years we have taken the building-blocks of international technologies and chemistries and refined these into unique know-how products that address an abundance of needs in all spheres of packaging. SealGlobal.Co® boasts numerous ‘world firsts’ in commercially supplying customers with unique product.

Exclusive manufacturing procedures and quality control methodologies have been internally developed to ensure consistent delivery and performance of high-end product.

We work in close partnership with many global convertors and brand owners, re-assessing and re-evaluating revolutionary changes to develop purpose-made packaging that benefits the world.

A purpose-built manufacturing plant was commissioned in 1996 and we have continued to upgrade our manufacturing and technical capabilities to ensure we provide market leading supply capability. 



SealGlobal.Co® focus on “Smart Chemistry for Packaging Design®”. This includes lacquers, coatings, adhesives and technologies of all kinds, for
all substrates of the major converting processes as well as other specialised products. This is all backed by an equipped, innovative expert team.

SealGlobal.Co® Ethos


“A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.”

This philosophy is the moral compass that steers SealGlobal.Co®. We strive to add meaningful value and real change in a world that needs us to care. We do this through our commitment to Smart Chemistry for Packaging Design®. The shortening of global supply chains to empower local communities, reduce all the negative factors transporting finished products globally. 95% of all manufactured product are currently shipped via vast fleets of container ships. Manufacturing product as close to source of use will reduce and/or eliminate these significant emissions. They are fuelling the climate crises perpetually.

SealGlobal.Co® Partners in Packaging

SealGlobal.Co® works closely with large multi-national corporations and/or their supply chains to develop Upcycled Packaging® solutions for their products.