Capitalism is killing the planet. It's time to stop buying into our own destruction.

At SealGlobal.Co® we believe the time for radical change is now. Our upcycled Packaging replaces or significantly reduces plastic and combinations of plastic in FMCG packaging and reduces waste and pollution, all while providing a solution that is economically more vialbe and doesn’t comrpomise on profitability.

UPCYCLED PACKAGING is good business – for all.


Half of All Plastic That Has Ever Existed Was Made in the Past 13 Years

The Time Is Now

More so than ever, it is clear that our planet is in a critical and catastrophic state. Climatic conditions, civil societies and economic markets are all in meltdown. Plastic production is rapidly accelerating, but only 9% of it gets recycled. But it’s not all doom and gloom: solutions which not only satisfy the needs and desires of consumers, but also address global crises, are available.