Area of application – Film replacement for soap & soup wrappers.

SupaKote® is patented, aesthetic, functional, cost effective, high gloss lacquer suitable for direct application to paper as replacement for film/paper beauty and anti-bacterial soap wrapper laminates.

SupaKote® eliminates stereotyped plastics wrapping materials, allows fit for purpose wrappers which are repulpable and degradable.

+-40year Old Sku
Requires 3 separate processes to convert
Petroleum waxes exhibit limited food safety
8 – 16gsm wax application
Non-degradable in landfill
Std wrapping line output
Thermal decomposition of wax @ >100C
Indestructible, half-life >500years

Patented Sustainability innovation
Fully Paper Based, surface print + SupaKote®
Conversion in a single gravure process
Equivalent surface print gloss aesthetics
Film free, paper-based wrapping
Degradable in landfill
Repulpable per Sappi, Sanas
+ 20% yield benefit
Fit for purpose, Destructible in waste