SilvaSeal® & GoldSeal® PATENTED

SilvaSeal® & GoldSeal®

  • Aesthetic, functional plastic film free coating systems for the eco-sustainable conversion of paper-based Butter, Margarine and spread wrapping.
  • Formulated for application over paper in a single process to replace the current, standard extrusion laminated composite ldpe, aluminium foil, grease proof paper which requires 2 separate production processes.

Current Standard

  • The standard Butter & margarine wrapper waste, through respirometry analysis, conservatively, requires between 500 to a thousand years to degrade in landfill

Foil, extr ldpe, gp paper lamination
Requires 2 processes to convert
Delam, piping & creases, with condensing
Deep Freeze, condense, H2O & and oil resist
Composite is Non-separatable in waste
Non-degradable in landfill
Wrapper +/-100gsm

Fully Paper Based, metallic aesthetics
Conversion in a single gravure process
Monoweb paper eliminates delamination
Deep Freeze, condense, H2O & and oil resist
Monoweb Paper
Degradable in landfill
Repulpable per Sappi, Sanas
Lower gsm wrapper, +/- 25% yield benefit
Fit for purpose, waste destructible