SilvaBak® & GoldBak® PATENTED

Area of application – Tobacco, Cigarette inner bundling wrap.

Current tobacco inner bundling wrap materials specify either a foil/paper laminate, metallised paper or film laminate, all constructions require several processes towards completion and on disposal require several centuries to degrade in landfill/waste.

SilvaBak® & GoldBak® are functional, embossable, aesthetic silver & gold finish, eco-sustainable “Smart Chemistry for Packaging Design®, formulated for application to paper in a single process.

Metallised paper
Foil to paper lamination
Met paper, requires 4 processes
Non-separatable in waste
Non-degradable in landfill

Fully Paper Based, metallic aesthetics
Fully Paper Based, metallic aesthetics
Single gravure conversion process
Monoweb paper
Degradable in landfill
Repulpable per Sappi, Sanas