• Area of Application – Soap stiffener inserts, to replace pet or ldpe/carton board laminates.
  • RigiSeal® is an aqueous barrier coating system, which imparts water, moisture, grease, oil, alkaline & soap barrier, and anti-microbial properties to the soap stiffener carton board substrate, as a replacement for the standard pet/carton board Soap stiffener laminated.
  • The application of RigiSeal® eliminates the need for specialised lamination equipment, allows for disintegration in waste and repulpability of recovered stiffener inserts

Existing plastic construction
Film Paper Laminate
Requires laminating equipment to convert
Exhibits water, asr, oil barrier
Non-separatable laminate in waste
Non-degradable in landfill
Wrapper +-115gsm
Indestructible, half-life >500years

Patented Sustainability innovation
Fully Paper Based system
Conversion in a single gravure process
Exhibits water, asr, oil barrier & antibacterial
Film free, paper-based wrapping
Degradable in landfill
+ 10% yield benefit
Fit for purpose, Destructible in waste