ReamSeal® & ReamPrime® PATENTED

Area of application – Ream wrapping of bond paper.

Standard Bond ream paper wrap requires the extrusion lamination of low-density polyethylene to paper which requires specific ldpe extruding equipment.

The disposed wrappers are not recovered from waste, the low density polyethylene film laminate melted or fused into the paper, cannot be
separated and is not re-pulpable.

ReamSeal® & ReamPrime® extends patented water-based primer & barrier coating chemistry, suitable for gravure conversion to paper in a single application, to produce a fully paper based, repulpable, plastic film free wrapper, which will degrade in landfill.

+-20year Old Sku
LDPE to Paper Extrusion laminate
Requires 2 processes to convert
Non-separatable in waste
Non-degradable in landfill
Wrapper +-100gsm
Indestructible, half-life >500years

Patented Sustainability innovation
Fully Paper Based, Plastic Film free
Conversion in a single gravure process
Film free, paper-based wrapping
Degradable in landfill
Repulpable per Sappi, Sanas
+ 20% yield benefit
Fit for purpose, Destructible in waste