• Area of application – Confectionary, chocolate Flow wrapping.
  • Seal Global’s NatroPackaging, system represents an environmentally sustainable coating system, including customised Release Lacquers, NatroLacq™ & Cold Seal, NatroSeal™ for application to bleached paper and introduces kraft paper aesthetics for the flow wrap conversion of confectionary to replace monoweb metallised polypropylene and polypropylene composite laminated chocolate wrappers.
  • Evolving of wrapping materials to the NatroSeal® system enables paper  based, fit for purpose, degradable flow wrap waste.

Monoweb bopp & Composite structures
Composite structures require 2 – 3 processes
Release film laminates, Fail to release CS
Separate gloss & matt release composites
Corona treatment for print anchorage
Reverse treat for CS to burn off additives
Standard aesthetics
Composites are Non-separatable in waste
Non-degradable in landfill
Composites and monoweb, Indestructible

Fully Paper Based wrapper
Conversion in a single gravure process
NatroLac® exhibits efficient release
NatroLac® available in gloss & matt
In-Line treatment eliminated
NatroSeal®, eliminates CS surface treatment
Gloss, Matt & Brown Kraft aesthetics
Monoweb Paper
Degradable in landfill
Fit for purpose, destructible in waste