Area of application – Gum & Confectionary wrappers.

KandyKote® is patented, Smart Chemistry for the conversion of paper-based gum and confectionary wrappers to replace wax wrappers.

Hot waxed confectionary & Gum wrappers require 3 processes to convert, including print, suppling and hot wax dipping. Hot waxed wrappers are not recovered from waste and require centuries to degrade in landfill/environment.

KandyKote® wrappers allow conversion in a single process, benefits include up to 25% yield advantage, and wrapper degradability.

+-40year Old Sku
Requires 3 separate processes to convert
Petroleum waxes exhibit limited food safety
8 – 16gsm wax application
Non-degradable in landfill
Std wrapping line output
Thermal decomposition of wax @ >100C
Indestructible, half-life >500years

Commercialised, patented, innovation
Single Gravure conversion process
Food safe
2.5 to 5gsm KK Application
Degradable in landfill
Repulpable per Sappi, Sanas
Improved wrapping line output, + 20%
Thermally stable between 200 – 250C
Fit for purpose, Destructible in waste