ClearSeal® & EnviroSeal® PATENTED

  • Area of Application – Fast foods & table complimentary condiment wrappers.
  • ClearSeal® & EnviroSeal®, are Upcycled Packaging® solutions for the conversion of fully paper based Fast foods and table condiment sachets.
  • ClearSeal® & EnviroSeal® are heat sealable, water, moisture, grease & oil barrier coating, suitable for application to paper* to replace the current wax and film composite [ldpe extrusion laminated] food service and food wrapping materials

Table Condiments, ldpe to paper laminates
Composite structures require 2 processes
Water, Moisture, condensation , grease & oil barrier
Food contact suitable
Refrigeration suitable
Composites are Non-separatable in waste
Non-degradable in landfill
Composites and monoweb, Indestructible

Fully Paper Based wrapper
Conversion in a single gravure process
Water, Moisture, condensation, grease & Oil barrier
EU, Swiss Ordinance compliant
Refrigeration compliant
Monoweb Paper
Degradable in landfill
Fit for purpose, destructible in waste